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Natural Language Processing – Project Files

Word Segmentation, Phrasal Chunking, Word Alignment, Translation Decoding, and Automatic Evaluation in Python

Data Mining Project – Files

Income prediction with classification algorithms such as Decision Tree, Random Forest, Boosting, and SVM. Developed in Python.

Compiler Project – Files

Implementation of a Persian Grammar Checker to check syntactic and lexical errors in Java.


Artificial Intelligence Projects – Files

  • The Lazy Agent Problem: Finding the optimal path for the Lazy Agent, a robot having finite fuel, required to perform tasks with different priorities to minimize fuel consumption and maximize profit. Heuristic and Metaheuristic algorithms including A*, IDA*, Tabu Search, and Learning Automata were used. Developed in Java.
  • The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP): Solving the problem using Simulated Annealing algorithm. Developed in MATLAB.
  • Image Processing: A program was designed to enable the user to find out whether an image is grayscale or colored and negative/blur any part of the image. Developed in MATLAB.

Biological Computation Projects – Files

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